• Terracotta and limestone
    Terracotta and limestone flooring provide a durable and beautiful dimension to this poolside guest house.
  • An elegant arch
    Lending grace to a plain rectangular doorway is this elegant arched moulding.
  • Classic design
    This dramatic staircase view is reminiscent of the nautilus shell — one of the most famous of design archetypes. This effect is heightened by the interplay of light and shadow.
  • A classic corner cupboard
    A corner cupboard provides interest and storage with a minimal consumption of space. It also serves as a visual counterpoint to the exuberantly carved mantel.
  • A touch of history
    This wonderful old English rim lock, a chance find in a London flea market, adds historic interest.
  • A cozy window seat
    This window seat conceals an existing radiator, which has a grille to allow the heat to circulate. Other window seats in the room have storage areas underneath.
  • Curved stairs bathed in light
    A graceful curved staircase highlighted by a large window, and the constant interplay of nature, light and shadow.
  • An inventive solution
    The bookshelf to the left swings open to reveal a small-scale laundry room. The only hint that it's there is the break near the top of the pilaster, just to the left of the trailing vine.
  • Ceiling detail (Ledge House)
    Decorative heavy timber trusses were designed to add interest to a large open cathedral ceiling.  They lift visually to give precedence to a 6 foot tall antique French chandelier which dominates the room.
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